Elevate Career Advice introduces a new video series called The Career Corner where we take a look at remarkable people’s careers and how the dealt with the changes within them. One of the world’s most under-appreciated learning tools is other people’s stories. You can learn through the path they walked and forge your own with the benefit of knowledge of what has happened before you.

These first three videos in the series stars Mr. John Hewitson (MBE). John was born in 1925 in the lake district in northern England. He grew up working on his family’s farm, while planning on entering into a role in the bank until World War Two erupted and he joined up to the Royal Airforce. He served during the war in the far east and worked as a radio engineer on the ground and for the planes as well. Upon arriving home in 1547, to a very changed world, John sought to use these skills in his future career. This first video covers these early career shifts and changes.